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YOFOTO China Market Elites Award Ceremony 2018 - First Quarter Business Summit

From April 6th to 8th, YOFOTO China held the 2018 Market Elites Award Ceremony and First Quarter Business Summit in the conference center of the YOFOTO industrial park. It was an event that solidified YOFOTO’s business culture and allowed everyone to share a moment of glory together.  YOFOTO business partners from all over the world gathered together to participate in this event. The conference covered many remarkable achievements, including the awards ceremony for YOFOTO market elites, the interpretation of the 2018 market strategy, the completion of the tumor marker testing laboratory, the creation of the skin testing center, the interpretation of YOFOTO’s business model, the display of new SUYOUTH products, value sharing among business partners, setting of system goals, and more.

“In 2016, YOFOTO carried out a comprehensive upgrade, going from being a health industry company covering basic life necessities to being a fully-fledged green health industrial cluster. At the same time, a business cycle including “measurement, adjustment, insurance, and treatment” was also put forward. In 2017, YOFOTO integrated “elderly care and health care” into it, forming a complete green “version 2.0” business model of “measurement, adjustment, insurance, treatment and health care”. Ever since the company’s direction has been set, it has been working hard to reach its goals.

 At present, the YOFOTO tumor marker testing laboratory has been officially completed, and some of our business partners have already tried it. Next, we will complete our genetic stem cell lab as soon as possible. The stem cell bank and YOFOTO medical center will also be located in major cities, providing a strong foundation for the next level of precision medical treatment. YOFOTO will strive to create a global market, technology, resources, and talents.”
 --Huang Jinbao, Chairman of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd

New Promotion Partner Group Photo in the First Quarter of 2018

As chairman of YOFOTO Huang Jinbao said, performance is the only criterion that we can use to evaluate our achievements. At the summit, YOFOTO China chief operating officer Sun Pengbo laid out four different levels on which success can be achieved: planning, cognition, systems, and design. Using current macroeconomic development trends, he told all partners present about the YOFOTO strategy for 2018, the target management and annual development process, and the inherent logic of systematic operation. Besides, he also shared how to understand the thought process of marketing design, and grasp the essence of the marketing industry from multiple angles.

“YOFOTO 2018 will launch a campaign with tactics, strategy, long-term planning, and fighting spirit. YOFOTO will upgrade itself from all levels to set up strategic goals, secure channels through online and offline integration, and develop with a forward-looking strategy.

  Sun Pengbo, President of the Marketing Operation Center

Since the new, green, “version 2.0” business model was established, YOFOTO has developed itself to a new level, forming a core of measurement, adjustment, insurance, treatment, and wellness for their health management service industry, and an ecological business system based on big data analysis of the health cloud. The service core, including health testing, scientific adjustment, exclusive guarantees, precise treatment, and health care, will provide consumers with one-stop healthcare solutions and also offer partners precise and timely client marketing. In step with the national strategy, YOFOTO China’s supply chain president Shi Guanghui expounded upon the advantages of YOFOTO’s business model and brought the good news that the tumor marker testing laboratory has been completed, and the skin testing project has begun.

“Measurement is the main point of the whole business model. In 2016, YOFOTO cooperated with Siemens to provide partners with gene testing service. In 2018, we established the tumor marker testing laboratory. And in 2019, YOFOTO will complete a comprehensive physical examination center and a stem cell storage center. Later on, YOFOTO will take a series of actions and continue to develop our measurement modules.”

Shi Guanghui, President of the Supply Chain Center

The Official Completion of the YOFOTO Tumor Marker Testing Laboratory

YOFOTO is working together with the Fortune 500 company Siemens to construct its world-class tumor marker testing laboratory. At the summit, the physical examination project director of YOFOGENE health management center told the partners present about the laboratory’s characteristics and significance. He showed the statistics of cancer incidence rate in China, showed which types of cancer were in the top 10 for mortality rates, and also told the partners that the tumor marker testing was one of the universal means adopted in the world at present. Cooperating with Siemens, YOFOTO provided the partners with best tests with the most advanced equipment and professional teams. What’s more, the first group of market elites of this summit has accepted the test and 30 people were selected to participate for free.

Project Director—Ye Peng

The surprise appearance of the skin testing center

What brands can be called high-end skin care? At the summit, the project director of SHLITZ Wu Peiyu introduced it from four perspectives: price, technology, fashion, and sales channels. Meanwhile, the forthcoming listing of another skin care series surprised the partners at the summit. On location, a YOFOTO representative showed the contrasting effects of facial skin testing by using VISIA and SHLITZ products. By seeing the differences before and after use of the products, the partners got a strong feeling for the effects of the new product. In the future, the device will also be available in brick and mortar stores.

Project Direct—Wu Peiyu (Right)

 This is a celebration of glory

YOFOTO is a big family full of dreams. Looking back, we strode forward with our persistence, and made progress with our faith. We saw groups of our business partners gaining their happiness in YOFOTO - the best business platform in China. They chose YOFOTO, chose belief, chose persistence, and achieved extraordinary success from ordinary day-to-day business. As our chairman of YOFOTO said, belief was just the beginning of the success; however, persistence was what mattered the most.

At the summit, over 300 YOFOTO marketing partners came to the stage and accepted honors and awards from our chairman of YOFOTO, getting flowers and applause from our partners. At that moment, cheers and shouts echoed through the whole meeting hall. The glory that we achieved today came from the efforts and sweat of our partners, from their diligent work and pursuit, from their persistence to realize their dreams. We believe that in the future, there will be more of our business partners spreading their wings, soaring into the blue sky, and becoming the best promoters of YOFOTO.

Congratulations to Every Newly Promoted Partner


The YOFOTO China Market Elites Award Ceremony 2018 - First Quarter Business Summit has been successfully concluded.

In 2018, we will be in full confidence, making great efforts to achieve greater success!

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