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Company Culture
Motivated by dreams, mission and value, YOFOTO’s belief is to constantly make the world a better place! YOFOTO is an enterprise structured like a tree. It is a sustainable business, with steady development. It is well-established and vigorously developing, like a tree with deep roots and plentiful leaves.
-Huang Jinbao, the Chairman of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd.
Business philosophy:
Be extraordinary by endowing ordinary products and life with emotion and meaning.
Core Value:
Respect yourself, respect others.
Build three roles: the learner, practitioner and disseminator of YOFOTO’s value.
    Observe three rules: do not think any virtue trivial, thereby neglecting it; do not think any vice trivial, thereby engaging in it; do not think any matter trivial, thereby dismissing it.
    Take three actions: run the business in a self-disciplined way, put customers first, and respect others.
Live a harmonious life full of love.
To build a respected global healthy life brand, and to become the most respectable internationalized enterprise.