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YOFOTO Industrial Chain
    Focusing on industrial core-healthy life, through the construction of globalized industry chain and value chain, we establish a healthy life industrial cluster, provide overall health service for customers and build broader career platform for marketing partners. Then we can reach a sustainable development between the corporation, societies and nature.
    In May 2009, YOFOTO health Industry Park was put into use. With dedicated R&D staff and high-standard production process, it will provide YOFOTO global markets with high-quality healthy life products.
    In September 2011, we signed a contract with an organic rice cultivating base in Wuchang, Heilongjiang. It has an area with 40 km². From the seeds to the food on the table, we ensure our customers have healthy food. We try to build the first Chinese brand of safety, organic and health.
    In June 2012, YOFOTO reached a strategic cooperation with Australian Nature Healthy Pharmacy Co., Ltd. We formed the Zeyan (Australia) natural cosmetic R&D center in alliance. With the help of Australian rich plant resources and advanced technologies, we launched our new Zeyan skin care series.
    In October 2012, YOFOTO purchased Lugagnac Chateau in Bordeaux, France. Lugagnac Chateau has a history of about 1100 years. The wine produced by Lugagnac Chateau was sold in China in 2014. Meanwhile, YOFOTO is undertaking the reconstruction of the vineyard. With a higher standard, we will produce world-class products with great competitiveness.
    In August 2012, YOFOTO conference center was put into use formally. It has a capacity of 3108. Meanwhile, it is equipped with matched business hotel, administrative meeting hall and market reception hall. Therefore, it provides a series of support for marketing partners, such as business meeting, study and training and accommodations.
    YOFOTO is being under construction with a total investment of 0.5 billion RMB. It has 150 yacht berths. In the future, it will be a top grade yacht club of chamber hotel style covering taking holidays, travelling, entertainment and business conference.
    YOFOTO set up a global tourism service network. We offer our marketing partners excellent abroad travelling services.