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To Infinity and Beyond- Yofoto (China) 2018 Global Business Seminar

Outside the venue, the 800-flat giant poster shows the brand strength ofYofoto.

From December 8th to 9th, the “To Infinity and Beyond”- Yofoto (China) 2018 Global Business Seminar Summit was held with fanfare at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. We were here to show the bright future of Yofoto and the lofty aspirations of Yofoto partners. More than 30,000 elites from all over the country participated in this great event, and partners worldwide watched the live broadcast of the conference.

Outside the venue, the 800-flat giant poster shows the brand strength ofYofoto.

Yofoto (China) marketing elites are about to accept the grandestcommendation

30,000 seats were all occupied.

The summit will be of great significance to Yofoto. In the past 14 years, Yofoto has developed from a health care product enterprise to a full eco-industrial cluster, from a national benchmark company to a fine example of a Chinese enterprise. Yofoto constantly gathers the power of dreams and faith and moves forward for the mission in the heart. 2019 is the fifteenth anniversary of Yofoto, and we’ve already made sufficient preparations. A series of good news was released at the summit, making the global business partners more confident in Yofoto.

Huang Jinbao, Chairman of Yofoto (China), took the “Yofoto Wheel” acrossthe vast sea and slowly came.

"Fourteen years ago, I just planted the seed of a dream. Fourteen years have passed and now we are growing into a big, full tree. We want to go further. It is very satisfying that Yofoto has made it through fourteen stable years. This fully proves that we have strong competitiveness in terms of our products, models, services, brand, operation and management. We will continue to move forward like before and make Yofoto keep developing healthily and sustainably."

Facing the upcoming 2019, Chairman Huang is full of confidence.

At the summit, Chairman Huang summed up the achievements and returns of 2018. We’re thankful that although the overall situation of this year’s economy has not been optimistic, Yofoto still achieved the goals it set with its steady business performance and brand growth. In order to meet the upcoming year in a more calm and confident state, Yofoto has already prepared for all aspects upgrading their culture and solidifying their model. At the same time, Chairman Huang also announced to everyone the promotion of the “whole ecological chain” project: Yofoto brought forward the five-in-one ecological business model of “measuring, regulating, maintaining, treating and caring” in 2017, and every project has been steadily becoming a routine. In 2019, the “Grand Health Care Center”, which is positioned as a high-end health care center, will officially come into use; the first cell laboratory and storage center will also be on the way to renovation, which will provide health care, disease prevention and precise medical service to partners.

Grand Health Care Center

The second phase of Yofoto Health Industry Park will also be officially put into use in 2019, greatly improving operational capacity. The promotion and implementation of these projects make the partners excited and give everyone a clear understanding of the new goals, new blueprints, and new future of Yofoto!

As the best career platform, Yofoto not only allows partners to have healthy body and successful career, but also gives partners courteous treatment. Mercedes-Benz luxury cars and passionate excursions are rewards and encouragement for every business partner. The issuance of 60 Mercedes-Benz cars heated up the atmosphere again. Under the spotlight, smiles and flowers bloomed together in the venue. It is the heartfelt joy and happiness that is harvested after a job well done! To memorize this precious moment, every winner took a photo with Chairman Huang.
Come on! Drive Mercedes-Benz home!

Chairman Huang Jinbao personally presented awards to the elites who wonthe Mercedes-Benz car

Market elites will travel to Malaysia in 2019.

The success of Yotofo is inseparable from every hard-working business partner. Every year, Yofoto will reward the partners who have achieved success on their career path. This year, hundreds of elites will be standing on the stage of glory, accepting awards from the company and congratulations from other partners. With their beliefs and actions, they make progress and strive to achieve their dreams: with their actions, they win the respect and recognition of their partners!

Chairman Huang Jinbao presented awards to Tan Changfa and Xiao Jinhua, Chief Sales Director of Yofoto (China)

Chairman Huang Jinbao presented awards to Li Guanglong and Liu Ling, Chief Sales Director of Yofoto (China)

Huang Chunrong and Xiang Yan, Chief Sales Director of Yofoto (China)
Market elites of Yofoto

We're fully prepared for 2019!

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