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Yofoto (China) 2018 Market Elites Award Ceremony and Third Quarter Business Summit

From September 11th to 12th, the Yofoto (China) 2018 Market Elites Award Ceremony and Third Quarter Business Summit was held at the company’s headquarters. Yofoto business partners from all over the country gathered in Ningbo to witness this grand event.

New Promotion Partner Group Photo in the Third Quarter of 2018
Visiting Yofoto's GMP workshop
Experiencing tumor marker testing service

Yofoto is a big family full of dreams. In the past fourteen years, Yofoto has always adhered to its responsibility and mission. All partners are striding forward with persistence and make progress with faith. They chose YOFOTO, chose to believe, chose to persist, and achieved extraordinary success from ordinary day-to-day business. As the chairman said, belief was only the beginning of that success; persistence was what counted the most.

Yofoto’s business partners stood on the stage of glory and accepted awards from Chairman Huang Jinbao, commendation from senior executives, and flowers and applause from other partners. In the eyes of other partners, they are the cream of the crop and the role models of the team. With their actions, they influence everyone around them; with their harvest, they inspire all dream catchers. This time, amidst the cheers of Yofoto members, more than 200 elites will soon cross the Pacific Ocean and start a journey to Canada, the land of maple leaves. Appreciating its natural scenery, history, and cultural landscape, they will certainly get a good feeling for the good fortune and pleasure that can be had from working with Yofoto.

All seats are taken by Yofoto business partners
Huang Jinbao, Chairman of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd
Sun Pengbo, President of the Marketing Operation Center
Li Jin, Vice President of the Marketing Operation Center 

Congratulations to Every Newly Promoted Partner!

As all the partners watched, the event came to an end. In the future, more business partners will continue their headlong charge for victory in the fourth quarter of 2018, making new achievements for this year's performance!

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