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Yofoto successfully held

Do you care about your child's life and health? Do you know about your child's ambitions and dreams? Does your child understand responsibility and gratitude? How is your child's ability to adapt and communicate? Giving your children the best education means giving them a brilliant future!

From July 23rd to 26th, the children of more than 300 high level Yofoto staff from all over the country gathered at the "Eagle Training Camp", which was held at Yofoto Headquarters. There, they went through a four-day next-generation CEO training course. During this meaningful journey, they made new connections, and learned to dream big, be grateful for the things they have in life, and be firm in their negotiations.

We invited Weng Zhen, a senior instructor from the China Technical Training College, whose humorous speech helped the children find the value of life and the joy of growth. So far, Yofoto has successfully held eight training camps, helping countless teenagers grow up healthily.

Attend the flag-raising ceremony every morning

Leaders of Yofoto gave speech to children, hoping they can harvest something during this journey.

Huang Jinbao, Chairman of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd

Qian Renqi, Chairman Assistant of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd

Sun Pengbo, President of the Marketing Operation Center

Li Jin, Vice President of the Marketing Operation Center

A healthy body is the beginning of everything

How to get rid of unhealthy eating habits?

Junk food presents a lot of dangers. Eating too much junk food can stunt teenagers’ growth and affect their physical and mental health. In addition, high-fat foods can damage the developing nervous system, causing permanent damage to adolescents’ brains.

Li Qiang, the project manager of Yofoto Education Department, brought a vivid food culture course to the children. The small experiment of making fruit flavored drinks with chemical reagents revealed the hidden dangers of the modern diet and warned everyone not to drink many carbonated and fruit flavored drinks.

Create great value with imagination

Let the imagination get rid of the bondage and create impossibility

It is the height and depth of your thoughts that decides how high you can stand and how far you go. Life needs more reverse thinking and imagination, and let the mind get rid of the dogma.

Fashion show: making clothes with old newspapers

Try to make pins get into the balloon without explosion

 Understand the importance of teamwork

An excellent team brings infinite power

Without team, a person’s power is limited no matter how strong he is. A team can dissipate infinite power. Children must understand that being a part of a strong team will make them the biggest beneficiary!


Use pieces of white paper to try to make the highest stack possible with limited resources.

Everyone worked together to spell the word “Yofoto” with dominoes.

Everyone worked together to build a puzzle representing the "Next-Generation CEO Eagle Training Camp"

Understanding responsibility is a mission

Feel responsibility in your heart, bear responsibility upon your shoulders. 

Everyone should understand that responsibility is a mission, a quality, a loyalty to oneself. Sticking to a responsibility is to adhere to the pursuit and belief of life, to enjoy the pleasure of work and the happiness of life.

Teaching assistant awarded red armband to team leaders

Election for host and director of evening party

Live with a grateful heart

Let's inherit love in life

It was only when you learn to be grateful that you can truly understand the meaning of life. Be grateful for parents, because they give us precious life and bring us up. Be grateful for teachers, because they teach us valuable knowledge. Be grateful for the society, because it makes us grow up in peace and warmth. Be grateful for everything in life, and cherish every minute.

Write down the words of gratitude to parents in dim light

Spiritual talking, deeply excavate and awaken the inner world of children

A 100-meter-long paper, planting the seeds of dreams

A blue ribbon of thanks, expressing true love.

Special birthday party

 Walking out of the training camp, every child was full of confidence and vigor. Having happily borne the sweat and tears, "the next generation CEO eagle training camp" came to an end in laughter and satisfaction. Here’s wishing these kids a new beginning and a fresh journey.


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