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Recognized by consumers as having quality products and services

Recognized by consumers as having quality products and services
With the constantly changing trends in consumption, Yofoto has always regarded the interests of its consumers as its primary goal, making "products" and "services" as the core of their enterprise development. Yofoto continues to focus on product R&D and improving service, with a view to achieving ever better consumer quality.


Awarded as one of the “Top Ten Food Safety Enterprises in China” nine years running
Over the past 16 years of development, Yofoto has been strengthening its competency while sticking to the philosophy of “making good products, making products good”. Yofoto has been recognized among the “Top Ten Food Safety Enterprises in China” for nine consecutive years.


Cooperate with authorities to deepen R&D
Yofoto firmly believes that food safety starts from research and development. Thus, Yofoto cooperates with famous institutions such as the China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries, the Zhejiang Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, and Jiangnan University, establishing joint laboratories to develop high-standard products for consumers.

Upgrade in quality and experience
In recent years, in order to further improve product quality, Yofoto has insisted on “going out into the world” and built two major product centers in Asia and North America. In fact, Yofoto had made these plans several years ago, aiming to become a leading enterprise in the global health industry.
Establish a quality control system for the entire industry chain
Yofoto attaches great importance to the advancement of its quality management system, strictly regulates its production management, implements it in daily operations, and sets up strict supervision measures. Along with that, Yofoto employs a lean production management model in the production management process to ensure highly stable levels of product quality.

Building a pharmaceutical grade GMP workshop
Yofoto’s GMP workshop is designed in accordance with pharmaceutical GMP requirements. It not only conforms to the standards for pharmaceutical-grade workshops, but also has obtained the health food GMP and cosmetics GMP certifications, far exceeding the requirements of the health care product industry.
Introduing automatic flow with state of the art international equipment
Yofoto’s GMP workshop uses automated production lines and makes use of the world’s most advanced equipment, which provides the advantages of high speed, high stability, high degree of automation, and assurance of total safety, thus effectively controlling product quality.

Production across various categories
Yofoto’s GMP workshop now has six production lines for powder, pills, tablets, liquids, soft capsules, and daily-use chemicals. At present, more than 100 products under the Yofoto brand can be produced internally, covering the categories of health care products, nutritious foods, wines, daily-use chemicals, household, cosmetic, and personal care.
Providing the warmest service to consumers
In terms of service, Yofoto always insists on being customer-centered, aiming to create the warmest service they can offer. Yofoto has a complete and advanced customer service system, and regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys to create a better shopping experience for customers.


Actively undertake social responsibility
Chairman Huang Jinbao once said the value of a company’s existence is to meet social needs. While creating wealth, Yofoto is also marching to the goal of social responsibility with firm faith and responsible actions. Yofoto will insist on continuous innovation and self-discipline, provide high-quality products and services, protect consumer interests, and contribute to the construction of a healthy China. 



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