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Difficulties Are a Kind of Wealth.

Today, I want to talk about difficulties, a topic I rarely speak on.

We need to face difficulties in life, but weshould never overestimate them. The media and our business partners usually askme, “What is the biggest difficulty you met with when you started your business?”My answer is, “To set the right goals regardless of the difficulties.” I’vegone through all kinds of difficulties these years. I’ll face them and overcomethem, but I rarely talk about them, because when we say how hard something isout loud, we will unconsciously give ourselves the implication that we areunable to do it. The more attention you pay to difficulties, the harder you’llfeel it is to overcome them.

However, the thing that leads me to talkabout difficulties now is a story shared by my partners. A five-year-old girl foundherself unable to stand up because of a medical affliction. Her life becameeven more disastrous when she was ten because her injured spinal cord causedpressure on her lumbar nerves. Even so, she tried to make a living by herselfwhen she was eighteen. This girl wrote, “People walk with their feet, but Iwalk with my heart. The future is in my mind, and I’ll keep moving forward.”

I admire this girl’s courage, which remindsme of an article called To Happily Live aLife Full of Difficulties written by Ren Zhengfei, the founder of HuaweiTechnologies. It was a letter for his employees which demonstrated the nowoptimistic disposition of Mr. Ren, a recovered depression and anxiety sufferer.

Several days ago, an eminent monk gave me apiece of calligraphy as a present. It said, “No solution is beyond your mindset.”

At first, I didn’t understand that sentence,but after ruminating on it for about half an hour, I figured it out. When we experiencedifficulties, or when we feel restless, our relatives and friends will come toenlighten us. Actually, what they do is make you happy by changing your mindset.So why just adjust your attitude by yourself instead of waiting for others tocomfort you? Basically, the only solution to a problem is your attitude towardthe problem.

There is no solution beyond your mindset.All of our problems can only be solved by us ourselves.

Things may be difficulties seen from oneperspective, but they are honors from another perspective; some difficultiescause us trouble now, but may become precious experiences at another time. 

The future is in our mind. Difficultiesalways exist, but they are a kind of wealth.

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