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YOFOTO Decade: Great Vision Makes Big Dream

Board Chairman Huang Jinbao of Yofoto(China) gives a speech on the 10th Anniversary Celebration

Good evening! My distinguished guests, friends, my dear Yofoto families, my partners from both domestic and overseas that are watching the live broadcast through websites and mobile phones.

I have been waiting for this day to come since 2004 up to now 2014, ten years down the line.

During the past decade, with my partners and all of our staff, we went through lots of ups and downs and encountered all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. We have really struggled to step forward.

Along the way, I have been thinking for many times what I should say on this special day.

How do I tell you about the memories I have had for this past decade? How can I share with you my spiritual journey during these ten years?

For me, it seems that even ten years ago, I have learned that on this special day I would choke up before greeting to everyone.

At this very moment, I would like to make a 10 seconds deep bow to express my gratitude for ten years company for all of you.

Thank you.

With all of you as companions, it is Yofoto’s great honor to acknowledge these great achievements.

During the past decade:

From a 7 people entrepreneur team to a company with more than 1400 staff;

From one branch to 32 branch offices and 4 oversea branch offices; 

From Yufangtang first phase to Yofoto Healthy Industry Park; 

From 4 kinds of products to nearly 100 kinds of products; 

From single healthy product to healthy industry cluster;

From eager to grow up to pursuit social value;

During the past decade, the material wealth we gained is not that important, the most significant thing is that we convened a group of like-minded Yofoto people.

For the past ten years:

Thanks for the development of times and our prosperous country, Yofoto got opportunities of development;

Thanks for our government, competent departments and media friends’ guidance and assistance;

Thanks for the acceptance of different sectors of our society;

Thanks for frustration, difficulties, doubts and ridicule which all these even help to confirm our beliefs;

Thanks for customer's trust of Yofoto products;

Thanks for all the Yofoto people. Driven by our dream, mission and life value, we self-esteem and respect others, creating value for society.

We feel grateful for the past decade!

For these ten years: 

Time is changing;

Commercial environment is changing;

Consumption idea is changing and;

Standard of value is changing;

To get the high quality products,

We are changing to make the management become more scientic;

We are changing to make the market become more standardized;

We are changing to make a more reasonable distribution and;

We are changing to make the institutional system more perfect.

During these ten years, we are growing up with continuous changes!

Withdraw the fist is for a more powerful sortie. Transform is for a more perfect appearance;

But our pursuit of health, security and quality never change;

Our responsibility and attitude of building the world best career platform never change;

Our core value of “self-esteem and respect others” never change;

Our vision- devoting ourselves to make our company become the most respectable international enterprise never changes;

Our dream and faith to let the world become better never change;

Our every promise to Yofoto people never change.

For the past ten years, we kept our words. In the future, we still keep our words forever.

Today, Yofoto is ten years old.

Now we are facing Yofoto’s future 10 years, 50 years, even 100 years.

Just now, through the giant screen, from the eyes and smiles of Yofoto families, I can see their expectation and confidence for future. I feel the word “responsibility”. Our responsibility is helping every Yofoto people to realize their dreams.

Dear all, the reason today we get together is not only to review, conclude and confirm the past decade of Yofoto, the most important purpose is to open the new future of Yofoto.

In the context of the global new round of technological revolution and worldwide economy uniformity, the past success cannot stand for the future victory; the ever advantages cannot mean forever advantages. Facing the new trend of times, we need a newly development strategy.

Standing at the key crossing, shall we lead the world by extraordinary thoughts or stick to the convention and be surpassed by others? It depends on ourselves.

Our strongest competitor is not any enterprise, but our attitude, ways of thinking and determination.

A few days ago, I attended the 2014 APEC CEO Summit in Beijing. I am honored to listen to President of P.R.C. Mr. Xi Jinping’ key note speech. President Xi systematically explained the Asia-Pacific New Dream and New Normal of Chinese Economy.

The view: “A great era calls for great vision, which in turn requires great wisdom” gave a deep impression on me.

We can see, under the New Normal of Chinese Economy, though the growth rate of China’ economy has slow down comparing with the speed in former years, still China is the world most dynamic and potential market. 

For the global top 500 companies, 490 companies have invested in China.

The outstanding Chinese enterprises that stand out in global market are the leaders of China local market. For instance, Alibaba, Lenovo, Huawei, Shuanghui and so on.

All those show that: To develop Chinese market with global vision is the only road for Chinese company to become the leader of the global market.

In my opinion, in today’s China, localization is internationalization and Chinese market is the World market.

Only make good development of China Market, can we do a good job in developing the World Market. This is the opportunity for Chinese enterprises.

Stand on the main battlefield of China, then we have no reason to miss any opportunity.

We are ready for it.

We find that with the improvement of the living standard and development of the economy, customer’s requirement for healthy industry increase geometrically.

At the moment, the compound annual growth rate of China health care industry has reached 21.4%. It is possible to estimate that by 2020, the market amount will exceed 800 billion. While so far, China health industry only occupied 4% of the domestic GDP. Compared with the occupation ratio of 17% in developing countries, there's a long way for us to go. In the meantime, the State Council delivered Several proposals on promoting the development of healthy service industry, and health industry ushers an unprecedented develop opportunity. The future development is inestimable.

Five years ago, we have already begun to build Yofoto healthy life industrial cluster: By integrating global superior technologies and resources, organizing global research and development group, employing Nobel Prize Winner as consultant, establishing global industrial chain, Yofoto will provide internationally competitive products for every customer and delivery a natural health life style to global families. Facing opportunities,

Yofoto is ready now!

The blossom of Internet has changed many people’s life. Now we are under a more freedom, fair and opener commercial environment. New technology, new pattern and new thought are constantly emerging and with those come a brand new market space. Innovation has already been the strongest driver for the development of economy. From “differentiated core products” to “three-in-one network and union-community commerce”, Yofoto is never lack of creative spirit. Not only we have a starting and keeping undertaking spirit to make our dream long-lasting, but also we have the creative spirit to dance the Little apple.

We are already on our way!

Dear Yofoto people,

During the past ten years, the tears are as much as laugher for Yofoto.

When shedding tears, we look up at the starry sky; when cheering for our success, we are down to earth.

Ten year later, we still never forget our focus and have proceeded straight to our goal!

After ten years development, YOFOTO is rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength;

We have opportunities to integrate into the new trend of times;

We have got ready for infusing responsibility and passion into our career to endow the ordinary products with affection and meaning;

We have taken actions to fulfill our core value- “Self-esteem and respect others” and create the extraordinary in the ordinary;

We have our goal that is to share values with society and become the “Chinese Sample” of the Global Healthy Industry.

I would like to repeat for once. Yofoto will become the “Chinese Sample” of the Global Healthy Industry. This is Yofoto’s new goal.

The China Sample of new thought, new pattern, new technology, new culture,

Will bring the global families healthy and quality life;

Will provide each Yofoto people an aspiring and dignified life.

Let the world have one more responsible and respectable enterprise.

Dear fellow members, let us be the drivers of dreams and make the world become more beautiful.

Thanks very much.

By Yofoto(China) Health Industry Co., Ltd.

Board Chairman Huang Jin bao

November 22, 2014

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