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Break Anxiety of Internet

Internet and the changes it caused have influenced people’s life for years. But in the past, most people regard internet as an emerging industry. When a new things appears, different people have different views, thus, for a long time, it has been a hot topic that whether traditional enterprises should be combined with e-commerce or not.
In these one or two years, the topic “Whether or not” has become “How to do”. This change reflects a feeling of anxiety which we have learnt last year: In the internet era, you even do not know where your competitors are. The strongest competitor of a supermarket may not be the one across the street, but Tmall.
In the past years, many people thought Internet economic is an independent new industry, but now, more people learn that internet is a kind of “ecology”, it infiltrates into all professions and trades.
In the past 2014, the anxiety of traditional enterprises became more evident.
Once, an entrepreneur friend told me about his experience: One day, he attended an activity and met some young men. After exchanging name cards, young men expressed their admiration for the predecessor; indeed, this entrepreneur is the leader of an excellent company. While, when the entrepreneur asked one young man about his business, he answered with understatement: His e-business just started for one year and the performance was only 10 billion. The figure astonished the entrepreneur a lot, because he achieved the same performance with 15 years’ effort.
When communicating with him, I felt his strong sense of crisis from his words: On the one hand, he feels if he didn’t make changes, his company will be defeated by the others. On the other hand, he feels puzzled and does not know how to do.
This sense of crisis is not an individual case. Lots of my friends in traditional enterprises, especially in traditional manufacturing industries have suffered or are suffering from this kind of anxiety, including me.
We realized that Internet redefines many industries and the past advantages have ceased to exist overnight. From this phenomenon, we also see tremendous opportunities. The question is, our past experiences are not suitable for internet era, and thus, what should we do?
In 2009, I realized that e-buisiness, especially mobile e-commerce has a promising prospect. Thus I launched the marketing mode of "three-in-one network", which combines e-commerce network, ground service net work and consume union network together. At that time, I thought Internet equals to e-commerce. Then in 2011, we set up an e-commerce company and launched on-line shopping platform-Yofogo Net.
We must recognition Internet.
Last year, the most popular word is "Intenet thingking". Different people have different ideas. All these explain its popularity. Jump out of these diputes. I take a new look at the relationship of company, user and Internet. I gain a lot by this.
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