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The chairman of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd, Mr Huang Jin bao was delivering a speech in 2015 YOFOTO (China) business seminar summit.

Dear all TOFOTO families,

every colleagues,

and partners watching the live telecast through TV & Network,

Hello, everybody!

Every November, all the YOFOTO families from global, gathering together here, will review the results of market development in this year and explore how to develop market moderately and rapidly. First of all , on behalf of YOFOTO (China) and all staff, I extend the warmest welcome to your partners’ arrival and express my heartfelt gratitude to the partners fighting hard in the first-line market. I deeply understand the hard work of the staff fighting in the first-line market. Although I do not usually command the market affairs, I often receive the market feedbacks. Some partners, they have not been home for one month or two month, or even longer. They devote themselves to the market coaching and training. Therefore, I need to tell all YOFOTO staff and new partners that the dedication they make is worthy of our respect and study.

Meanwhile, the employees in our branches, educational development and foreign affairs development, you are also fighting in the first-line market and serve our partners with heart. I am very moved when I hear that our branch manager took a coach with the sucking child. The staff in international operation center, they strive in abroad market. Once out, they need to take a plane for several days. Every year, they can fly round the earth several times.

Our research and development department, production department and purchasing department also work hard and make excellent contributions to our company.

Here, representing the company, I express my heartfelt gratitude to every department serving the market well. You have worked hard!

Today, standing here, many of you may envy my identity as chairman. It looks very splendid. But nearly nobody knows my endeavor, my burdens and my responsibilities. Actually, I, like all of you, have worked hard to build YOFOTO platform all the time. I can’t remember when my holidays were. My spring festival in which I should accompany my families are sacrificed to go abroad for projects investigation. My journey on the plane this year equals to 5 laps around the world. We, all of us, are working hard because of a goal: to achieve our same dream and to accomplish our same value.      

Today, I want to talk about my inner world and tell you my real feeling in my heart.

My first daughter studied in Britain. But I have never come to see her. Neither have I sent her to Britain. Every time, the driver would send her to the airport. Once arrival, she would send a message to me. Until she was graduated, she said to me: “dad, you have never come to see me for eight years. There is not one father like you. So this time you must come to my graduation ceremony.” I said yes and prepared my passport and visa. Later, we reached Beijing. Because of some emergencies in the company I said: “I couldn't come to your graduation ceremony, and you go by yourself.” I knew she must be unhappy. When she should reach the UK, I sent her a message on Wechat only to find that I was on her blacklist. Till last year, when she took part in the annual meeting in Hangzhou Yellow Dragon Stadium, she said: “it is until now that I know you are not only my father but also the father of all new YOFOTO generation families.”

My second daughter studied in the neighborhood of New York. In 2013, I was on a business trip to Los Angles in spring festival. I wanted to see her so we agreed to fly to New York to meet each other. But she had a flight delay for 4 hours due to the heavy snow. As a result, the time we stayed together was 12 hours in all including our rest time. We chatted while resting. On the second day, we separated after the breakfast. Departing form New York, I couldn’t help crying in the plane.

My son is 12. Last year, I took him with me to Europe in spring festival. This year, he asked me again: “father, where we are going in this spring festival.” I said: “New Zealand!” He asked me: “are there any vineyards in New Zealand?” I said: “yes.” He answered: “if you come to visit vineyards, I will not go with you.” “Why?” I replied. He questioned: “do you spend the spring festival with me or do I visit vineyards with you?” I have always wanted my son to learn Chinese classics. So I employed a Chinese classics teacher. His teacher asked me how long I stayed with my son. I said everyday when I came back home, mostly he was asleep and we hardly met each other. The teacher asked whether I have sent him to the school. I answered I was too busy. The teacher said it was not the excuse. Hearing this, I made up my mind. From the second half of this year, only if I was in Ningbo, I would send my son to the school by myself, however busy or tired I was.

I especially understand and thank all the marketing partners and YOFOTO staff fighting in the first-line market. I am also touched by all of you. Because I believe it is the same target, value and dream that bring us together and go forward, that give us strong resolutions to work hard and walk forward with persistence.

When I am extremely busy, the motivation keeping me to continue is our YOFOTO partners. YOFOTO has been in direct sales business for more than ten years. With a group of partners never leaving or forsaking, when I think of them and the responsibilities that I need to build a best career platform for YOFOTO families, I will not feel tired. It is your persistence, your hard work, your follow and your trust in the company and me that become the best impulse to push me forward.

I know what my target is and I also want to tell you all what our target will be in the future. Since the establishment of YOFOTO, we have determined to be the most respectable international corporation. We carry forward tradition Chinese medicine culture of health preserving with a history of 5000years. Healthy products are produced and used by huge numbers of families, which makes all YOFOTO families much healthier, more pleasant, happier and more glorious. We are strict with ourselves and keep improving ourselves. Self-respect and respecting others, creating values for others and rewarding more to the society, they are our dream and what we have been doing persistently.

So, if YOFOTO wants to be globalized, what we need to do is not only market globalization but also resource globalization and talents globalization. Every time I go abroad to investigate some projects, I tell myself that the plane is like a cradle; it is a bed where I rest because I am too busy and I can only rest on the plane. We fly round the earth for one lap. It is giant leap for us but small step for YOFOTO globalization. And we employ the winner of Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine as the chief advisor of YOFOTO global products Research Advisory Committee, who bring us YOFOTO products with high-tech, high value-added and high experience. Regardless of our products research and development or workshop equipments, we all adopt the most advanced in the world. Recently, we have launched several blockbuster products which will be introduced to you successively.

In education, we specially focus on basic education. We need to teach the fresh staff how to work and work well. Meanwhile, we also need to keep these fresh talents stay. Finally, the fresh staff can gain health, pleasure, happiness and success!

We have prepared the construction of YOFOTO “Yu Fang Tang” Health Preserving Pavilion for a long time. Well-decorated, the first sample shop has been finished in YOFOTO industrial park. Next, we will promote and build more “Yu Fang Tang” Health Preserving Pavilions in the whole China.

We think of the market all the time. So, day and night, all top management teams come up with new and better ideas for market development. Meanwhile, we also listen to the suggestions from the first-line market and improve our various work to build YOFOTO platform well.

Previously, for the purpose of building the Chinese sample of global health industry, I think it is enough to strive for the target by ourselves. It is no need to advertise or promote. Later, I find it is wrong. Why do we need to hide our goal? In the past years, we have been restrained. Since the found of YOFOTO, it has been ten years. Spending 10 years in grinding a sword, now it is time to show our sword.

Formerly, we genteelly said that we would create the most respectable international corporation, maybe not the first in performance. It is right to build great platforms, great products and improve the comprehensive index of our company. We not only let everyone to create fortune but also forge the riches and honor of YOFOTO partners. 

However, in our deep heart, don’t we want to be the first?

Therefore, in the future of YOFOTO, we not merely will build the Chinese sample of global health industry and the most respectable international corporation, but also achieve the dream of being the first in China, the first in the world. This, the first, does not just belong to me but all you YOFOTO families. We, a group of people, have laid a solid foundation for health industry. Why don’t we become the first in China and the first in the world, though we have a long way to go? However, it is because of the long way that we need to set a goal for ourselves. By accomplishing the target can we reflect our value.

Today, let’s shout it out loudly! Even though we, this generation, can’t accomplish the target, our next generations will continue to achieve the dream!

Therefore, I want all of you to give me some response:

We are going to be the first in China, the first in the world!

The first in China, the first in the world!

The first in China, the first in the world!

Thank you!

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