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Innovation and Insistence in Internet Era

Board Chairman of Yofoto’s remark in Yofogo Cloud Business strategic launch event and 2015 Carnival Activities Month opening ceremony.

Dear Yofoto Families:
Hello everyone, welcome back home!
Each May, Yofoto global marketing partners will get together in Ningbo to attend Carnival Celebration Month activities and celebrate the birthday of Yofoto Health Industry Park. At this time of year, our park will be specially bustling.
Today, we have a biggest good news for everyone——the practice of Yofoto “Third Five year strategies”, the beginning of 360°New three networks model and the formal launch of Yofogo Cloud Business. I won’t say too much about them. In the following meeting, we will launch and explain them.
This is a rapidly changing era. I think all of you can feel that kinds of new things emerge in endlessly and the speed of changing is far beyond our imagination.
We notice that the environment of global economic is changing. In the process of the integration of the world economy, Chinese Economic is playing a much more important role. The outstanding enterprises in global competition are also the excellent ones in Chinese market. For Chinese enterprises, localization is equal to internationalization. Chinese market is global market. This is our opportunity. So, Yofoto “Third Five Years Strategies” puts forward a new goal: Be the “Chinese Sample” of Global Health Industry. “Chinese Sample” represents new thought, new technology, new model and new culture. Meanwhile, it stands for an example. Let us go forward to achieve our vision of becoming the most respectable international enterprise.
We see that the development of Internet have changed many people’s life. And it makes us stay in a freer, fairer and more open business environment. Varieties of new thinking, new models are constantly emerging and bringing broader markets. On the two sessions this year, “Internet plus” was first wrote into Government Work Report. Meanwhile, in the report “Health China” and “Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation” were also mentioned. Thus it can be seen that: “Internet+ Health Industry + Popular Entrepreneurship” are inevitable and the prospect is self-evident.
With the tail wind generated by Internet Plus strategies, no one wants to miss opportunities. But, blind changing and following doesn’t always mean success. Yofoto’s innovation is obvious to all and it has had a significant influence in our industry. The key to seize the opportunities are: How to innovate and how to do?
Innovation always is the gene of Yofoto. Since Yofoto was established 11 years ago, we have created a lot Top 1 and became the benchmark of industry innovation. As far back as Year 2009, Yofoto opened China’s first 3G Industry business application project and launched an innovating marketing model “Three Net in One and Community Business” based on it. These help us win the market. While today, we will promote our marketing model again, that is Yofoto Internet plus action plan——“360°New Three net model”.
One thing which is more important than innovation is action. From a new idea to the practice of the idea, there is a long way to go beyond you can imagine. It has been nearly 6 months since the launch of “Third Five Strategies” in last November and we have done many basic works to practice our strategies.  
First, in the management level, we reached a consensus——“Business focus, Product focus and Culture focus”. All the people promote one thing together. To do it well, to do it best. That is our users thinking, our extreme thinking.
As for Research and develop technology, Yofoto invites Richard J. Roberts, the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine as the chief advisor of Yofoto Global Product Research and Development Advisory Committee to bring Yofoto world-leading study technology and product develop thinking.
Refer to marketing model, we finished the development and test of the system, also the supporting training, promotion and so on. Meanwhile, Yofoto and China Telecom, Huawei, Coolpad, SFBest reached strategic partnerships. Those who know me also know that I am a person who do more but say less. That is also Yofoto’s style. We never repel new things. We always meet future with positive attitude. But, after a series of innovations and changes, we always seek to our dream, hold fast to Yofoto’s core value “Self-respect and respect others”.
Thus, Yofoto’s every innovation and changes will never break away from our respect for business, market interests and users value. Only in this way, can we build a last long and respectable career.
For many years, Yofoto’s insistence and respect win our partners’ trust and company. Today, we will give the honors to our Yofoto Loyal figures. They go hand in hand with Yofoto and create remarkable achievement together with Yofoto. Here, thanks for your insistence and pay. Thank you so much.
Today, there are also many new Yofoto partners. Before all of you, there is broader market space, better entrepreneurship environment and more business support. I believe that with your confidence and insistence, you will gain much bigger dream.
Dear all, Yofoto is full of confidence to embrace Internet Era and forging the “Chinese Sample” of Global Health Industry. We are ready!
Thank you!
Yofoto (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd.
Board chairman Mr. Huang Jinbao
addtime:6/17/2016 3:26:24 PM