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With a reminder from our Planning Department colleague, I realized that it happens to be the 100th issue of our Healthy Family Life. Those who have known YOFOTO for long might remember that the predecessor of it was YOFOTO Family. Compared to the beautifully produced and content-rich Healthy Family Life, it originally just existed as a piece of newspaper. The newspaper is still kept in our company’s reference room. Now it seems like just a simple collection of company information, but it was an important start.
Using this topic, I would like to talk about dream with everyone.
Many things that don’t really begin with a massive start can continue to grow.
Just like the famous allegory in Jürg Schubiger’s When the World Was Young, which reads: “When onion, carrot and tomato did not believe that there was pumpkin in the world and doubted its existence, only pumpkin said nothing but just grew up silently”
For one’s dream, especially original dream, particularly we need this kind of endurance.
Do you think that the dreams of great, successful people were originally great? Do you dare to say that the seemingly small and unattractive thoughts of the present cannot bloom in the future and bear bounteous fruits?
The charm of a dream lies in that it is able to make a seeming nobody develop great power to create impressive achievements. But if you don't take your dream seriously, the original promising thought will just become a vain fantasy.
The key point that will lead to these diametrically opposite results is one’s attitude.
If I treated YOFOTO just as a business and not as my career ten years ago, then obviously, YOFOTO certainly could not be the present-day YOFOTO.  
Thus, no matter whether a dream is great or small, it deserves to be treated seriously. One’s working attitude will be reflected in anything one does. No matter whether the thing is big or small, complex or simple, one’s temporary or long-term work, if one is hardworking, persistent, and single-minded, the thing one does can’t turn out bad. For people who take work seriously, even if they don’t achieve great accomplishment in life, they will always get good results and achieve success.

So, here, I will share with everyone a maxim from my own experience, which is: deal with each simple beginning seriously as if it is the beginning of your success.

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