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Witness Your Value -- Speech Delivered by Chairman Huang Jinbao at the YOFOTO (China) 2016 Global Business Seminar

Witness Your Value
Speech Delivered by Chairman Huang Jinbao at the YOFOTO (China) 2016 Global Business Seminar

Distinguished guests, dear friends,
        Good afternoon!
        Welcome to the YOFOTO (China) 2016 Global Business Seminar in Shanghai!

        On behalf of YOFOTO, please allow me to extend our warmest welcome and sincerest gratitude to all the participants here today. Thank you for coming!

        I believe that YOFOTO's business partners all around the world have been looking forward to this great event. This is a chance to witness the achievements you have made using YOFOTO’s best business platform, and also a seminar for us to discuss possible future developments.

        YOFOTO has gained a lot over the past twelve years. I’m sincerely grateful for the development of society, which has brought us opportunities; for the great policies made by our government and CCP, which give us guidance and support; for the help from our friends and those in different sectors of the society, which have encouraged us a lot; for all of the hard work done by the staff at YOFOTO, and the trust given to YOFOTO by our business partners, which has helped YOFOTO overcome difficulties and enjoy success today. Thank you all!

        The history of YOFOTO over the past 12 years has been filled with persistence and value. Motivated by dreams, mission and values, our belief is to make the world a better place. We work hard to build a respected global brand focused on providing a healthy life, and to become the most respectable internationalized enterprise in the world.

        During the past 12 years, YOFOTO has been continually realizing its dream step by step. So far, we have 33 provincial branch companies, four overseas branch companies, thousands of health pavilions, millions of distributors, and a health industry cluster which includes the YOFOTO global R&D production base, the YOFOTO organic food base, the YOFOTO international chateau, the YOFOTO cosmetic R&D center, the YOFOTO conference center, the YOFOTO yacht club, YOFOTO tourism and the YOFOTO gene detection program. In addition, we founded an R&D Advisory Committee and have hired Nobel Prize winner Dr. Richard Roberts as Chief Advisor. So what kind of value has YOFOTO created over the past 12 years?

        First, YOFOTO created value for our customers. YOFOTO’s products have been widely accepted by society; Yu Fang Tang Hai Gou Wan has been chosen many times over as the only officially sanctioned healthcare food of APEC's China Night; YOFOTO has been ranked among the top ten corporations at the Chinese Food Safety Annual Meeting six times. In addition, YOFOTO has linked healthcare products with Internet, extending its market both online and offline. We help our customers stay healthy; this is the value of YOFOTO.

        Second, YOFOTO created value for its business partners. We have worked to build a best business platform and keep optimizing it; we provide further education opportunities for our business partners who want to learn and grow; we hold travel seminars each year, and travel has become a lifestyle for those who have participated; we set an example for the global health industry in China, and help millions of our business partners realize their dreams. This is the value of YOFOTO.

        Third, YOFOTO has created value for its staff. YOFOTO has won the Best Employer title   four years running. A lot of YOFOTO's staff members have been working there for five years, ten years, or even longer. Many of them have become mainstays, and some have become members of YOFOTO’s top management team. This is the value of YOFOTO.

        Fourth, YOFOTO takes an active role in public welfare. To date, we have donated more than 70 million yuan worth of money and goods to help people in need. I have been recognized as one of the Top Ten Philanthropists in China, and I’m the Permanent Director of the China Charity Federation. Over the past several years, we have helped 202 children who suffer from congenital heart disease, we have provided care for left-behind children and we have advocated a low-carbon lifestyle. All these activities have attracted tens of thousands of participants, and have been widely acclaimed by society. This is the value of YOFOTO.

        In addition, YOFOTO purchased the Lugagnac Chateau in Bordeaux, France in 2012, and invested a lot in local vineyards, which has changed French people’s opinions toward Chinese enterprises. They used to believe that Chinese enterprises always sought quick success and instant benefits, but now they show respect for Chinese entrepreneurs. This is the value of YOFOTO. On top of that, I won the title of Co-chairman of the Chinese-funded Chateau Association in France on October 2nd, 2015, and was awarded the French Knight’s Medal of Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion.

        These are just five examples of many.

        We have obtained many achievements, but we never forget our original intention. We always keep the core value "respect yourself, respect others" in mind and create value for our staff, consumers, business partners and society at large.

        We want to be extraordinary by endowing ordinary products and life with emotion and meaning.

        We insist on being an enterprise structured like a tree, hoping it can develop steadily and sustainably.

        Our devotion to health industry not only benefits our people and our country, but also helps more business partners gain greater success!

        YOFOTO will continue pursuing its dream over the next twelve years. Twelve years from now, I hope every family in China will be using YOFOTO's products, each of us can be happy and healthy, and each of our business partners can achieve success and realize their dreams!

        Let’s work together to make our dreams come true!

        Thank you!


Huang Jinbao, Chairman of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd.

November 20th, 2016

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