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YOFOTO Charity

YOFOTO Charity

Love Makes the World Colourful! Visit SOS Children Village

Socialwelfare is an important part of YOFOTO. YOFOTO shares the value with society,and wins respect by its action. This is our responsibility for the vision ofYOFOTO is to be the most respectable internationalized enterprise throughhelping people obtain harmonious life. 

Forthis purpose, YOFOTO has not only contributed to the society more than 20million yuan of goods and money, but also has been caring about people’slivelihood. Over the years, YOFOTO has launched many thematic public benefitactivities, such as YOFOTO “1+1” Fund (help the congenital heart diseasechildren), Low-Carbon Green Events, Poverty and Disaster Relief Operation. Inthe past 7 years, about 100,000 people have joined in public benefit activitiesorganized by YOFOTO. In July 2011, YOFOTO established volunteer organization. Webelieve that we can motivate not only more YOFOTO members but also other peopleto join in our volunteer organization. 


When YOFOTOcomes to Vietnam, it also brings love to people who need help. The first targetare orphans. In August of this year, YOFOTO workers met principal of SOS. TheSOS Children Village is an organization that helps orphans to own a sweet home.In this meeting, President of International Operation Center Frankie Ng said: “YOFOTOis a famous company in the world. In China, we already have organized many publicactivities. In August 2011, YOFOTO came to Vietnam. We are not for money butfor bringing our love to the children who need help in such a beautiful andpeaceful country. Children are the future of a country because the developmentof a country is upon them. Manager of YOFOTO Vietnam Branch Company Jason Zhouand Vice Marketing Director Tony Tse also joined this visit.


Thechildren are cute and clever. The visit to the SOS Children Village broughthappiness to all of us not just the children. We believe these children will behelpful citizens to the society in the future. It is just a start of YOFOTOsocial welfare activities in Vietnam. YOFOTO will have more plans in thefuture. It will organize public activities to help children own happiness and warmth.

Materialbasis and affection are the two essential things for orphans. Society canprovide materials for them but can’t provide affectionneeds. They lose their parents’ love when they were little. So SOS Children Villagesets up many families for these children and raises them until they can beindependent. Each family consists of one mother and 8 to 10 children. Let’slook at this sweet family——Mangnolia

Withthe care of mother Du, children in Mangnolia are healthy and clever. Mother Duis the oldest in SOS. In 1989, when SOS children village in Hanoi launched, shehas already fostered the first children. She sacrifices her youth to protectand love these children. How kind and respectable she is! 

How happy they are. We are all in one family. 

PresidentFrankie Ng and SOS Manager Du shook hands with each other for the willingnessto have long-term cooperation. On Mid-autumn Festival and Christmas Day, YOFOTOwill come to see the children again and arrange some games and gifts. Our activitieswill extend to other provinces. Both leaders and all the children are satisfiedwith this visit.

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