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YOFOTO “The World’s Largest Fingerprint Painting” set a Guinness World Record

The activity to challenge the GuinnessWorld Record for the world’s largest fingerprint painting hosted by The OrganizationalCommittee of the National Community Care Campaign and YOFOTO (China) HealthIndustry Co., Ltd. got under way on April 26th, 2014 at ChaoyangPark in Beijing. 

Volunteers and citizens gathered at thefountain square. They wanted to join in this activity and witness the process ofsetting a new Guinness World Record. After the international officer ofGuinness World Records, coming from far away Britain, explained the rules ofthis challenge around 8:30am, volunteers and citizens started to complete thelast part of the world’s largest fingerprint painting. 

Finally, the volunteers, through theircooperation, completed the painting. Cheering and applause burst from the crowdwhen Charles Wharton, the international officer of Guinness World Records,declared that the “Largest Fingerprint Painting”, with a total area of 28.92square meters, successfully set a Guinness world record.

When talking about the reason for makingthe world’s largest fingerprint painting, Chairman Huang Jinbao, as the initiatorand organizer of this challenge, said, “Each fingerprint painting that wecollected in order to complete this painting represents people’s will to be apart of protecting the environment. We want to let people know that everyoneshould make an effort to pursue a low-carbon lifestyle for the sake of protectingthe environment.

Chairman Huang Jinbao hoped this activitycould amass the power and influence of everyone, spread the spirit of environmentprotection, and call upon more people to participate in this kind of activity.

Chairman Huang Jinbao delivering a speech.

Volunteers played a significant role inthis activity.

Volunteers cooperated to finish thispainting, with a total area of 28.92 square meters. “The World’s Largest FingerprintPainting” was finally presented in front of everyone: a green tree in themiddle of a blue background.

Workers from Guinness World Records weremaking careful measurements and calculations.

Charles Wharton, the international officerfrom Guinness World Records, declared that the “Largest Fingerprint Painting”successfully set a Guinness world record.

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