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Stay True to Mission, Keep Moving for Future -- Speech Delivered by Chairman Huang Jinbao at the YOFOTO (China) 2017 Global Business Seminar

Distinguished guests, dear friends,
        Good afternoon!

I’m so excited to stand here and see you today, although this is not the first time that we've met at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Welcome to the YOFOTO (China) 2017 Global Business Seminar! Thank you for coming!

This year is a key point for YOFOTO’s third five-year plan. We have achieved a 180% growth in sales by the end of this November. I’m truly grateful for the age, for our country, for society, for YOFOTO’s staff and all of our business partners. We couldn’t have harvested so much without your efforts.

Thirteen years ago, when YOFOTO was just founded, there were only seven employees. Now we have more than 1300 staff, millions of business partners, more than 70 kinds of products, 80 patents, and 500 trademarks; we’ve established 33 domestic branches and 4 overseas branches; we own our Global Research & Development Center, production base, conference center, yacht club, Lugagnac Chateau in France and raw material base in Canada.

Today, we talk about the topic “Stay True to Mission, Keep Moving for Future”. I invited you to get together here not to show off our achievements, but to think and summarize the things we’ve done in the past thirteen years. We should persist in doing what we think is beneficial to our business, and make improvements to the rest.

We must remember YOFOTO’s mission is to set up a best business platform, build a respected global brand focused on providing a healthy life, become the most respectable internationalized enterprise, bring healthcare products to hundreds of thousands of families, and help our business partners realize their dreams and live healthily and happily.

Last year, I told you that YOFOTO would upgrade itself from an enterprise only providing health care products to a health industrial cluster linked by a biological chain. I’ve been preparing for more than one year, and now, we will take our advantages to launch the following three projects.

First, we will establish high-end internationalized physical examination centers with an investment of 8 million dollars. Last month, our top management team held a meeting on YOFOTO’s yacht, discussing about our business model consisting of physical examination, health adjustment, health insurance and medical treatment. We found we missed an important part which is health maintenance. But precise adjustment is not practicable if there is no big data for us to refer to. So from now on, we will invest a large amount of money to build our own physical examination centers all over the country. In the near future, we’ll have more than 1000 centers which can provide healthcare services for at least 10 million business partners and 100 million customers.

Second, we will establish Stem Cell Center in major cities. Last year, we founded Keyi Precision Medicine Center in Hong Kong, and built cooperative relationship with several R&D centers in Hong Kong, America, Canada and Switzerland. In the near future, YOFOTO will become the only health enterprise with a complete industrial chain, including physical examination, health adjustment, health insurance, precision medical treatment and health maintenance.

Third, we will provide cancer detection service after the cooperation with Siemens. Many of our business partners have experienced YOFOTO’s gene detection, health adjustment, meridian therapy and health insurance. These services are just a beginning. Siemens and we will establish a laboratory at the YOFOTO Health Industrial Park, which will come into service in a month. New products that we’ve developed with Jiangnan University will also come into the market.

Our permanent goal is to research and develop high-tech products, user-friendly products and high value-added products. They are also the only way by which our business partners can expand their market. So three years ago, we engaged a technical team led by Dr. Richard J. Roberts, the Nobel Prize winner, to develop more high-quality products for our marketing partners.

Our business partners know that YOFOTO strives for perfection in each detail, including technical team selecting, raw material purchase all over the world, talent training, equipment purchase, and production base establishment. Our second-stage intelligent workshops and stereoscopic warehouse will be completed at the end of next year. This production base has a production capacity of 2.5 billion dollars, which can meet our demand in next five years.

In addition, YOFOTO will insist on participating in different kinds of charity activities. I believe our behaviors will prove to the world that YOFOTO is respectable. That’s the biggest honor for YOFOTO.

The brilliant future I just described needs us to work hard together. No matter what difficulties we’ll have, let’s stay true to the mission and keep moving for future!

Thank you!

Huang Jinbao, Chairman of YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd.

December 9th, 2017


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